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The RWIS way

Our Mission is: “To make a positive difference for every single student in our school”.

Our ambition is for the Raoul Wallenberg International School is to lay the foundations for lifelong learning and a successful and harmonious life for our students – both academically and in the pastoral care we provide. In Primary School, we will offer children a broad education in which care, nurturing and learning form a whole. In Secondary school, we offer students a comprehensive education that combines the development of knowledge with an emphasis on the development of strong character. We will mostly follow the British National curricula and syllabuses in our schools, while adhering to RWIS’s basic values and methods and taking local education authorities of Mallorca requirements into account.


We start from the specific circumstances and needs of each individual student right from Year 1, and our ambition is for each of them to reach their full potential. Those who need special support receive it, and those who need more demanding challenges are given them.

Our goal is to create an extraordinary educational institution that seamlessly integrates the best from three distinguished pedagogical cultures:

  • Our internationally acclaimed Cambridge Curriculum not only provides students with a structured foundation but also opens doors to advanced studies worldwide. It's the key to instilling discipline and organization in their approach to education, setting the stage for unparalleled academic results opening doors for advanced studies across the world.

  • Experience the future of education with our commitment to Scandinavian teaching methodologies. Rooted in problem-based learning and progressive approaches, our educators collaborate with students, fostering an environment where curiosity and critical thinking take center stage. Our educators collaborate with students, creating an environment where learning is a vibrant and engaging experience. We're dedicated to nurturing critical thinking skills that go beyond traditional instruction methods, and including dynamic problem-based learning we ensure that your child easily can thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

  • Immerse your child in the rich Spanish environment and culture, leveraging the climate for extensive outdoor learning opportunities. This unique setting not only enhances academic experiences but also allows students to appreciate and discover the cultural richness that Spain offers.

By combining the strengths of these three cultures, we are committed to delivering an educational experience that transcends conventional boundaries. Join us in shaping a future where your child receives the very best from around the globe, providing them with a holistic and unparalleled foundation for a lifetime of success. Elevate your child's education to new heights – choose excellence, innovation, and cultural enrichment at our distinguished institution.

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