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We hold our teaching staff to the highest standards, seeking individuals who embody the values espoused by our esteemed namesake, Raoul Wallenberg. We are looking for exceptional educators, with the gravitas to be inspiring leaders inside and outside the school. They will be innovative, forward-thinking and have a passion for progressive education, in line with the ethos and values of the Raoul Wallenberg family of schools. They will demonstrate a commitment to the local community and a genuine interest in high quality international education. 


On September 9, we will open the school for students in grades 1-7. From start we need a teaching team of 10-12 people. Up until now, we have contracted six teachers and we are in talks with another ten potential teachers. In the near future, we will introduce our new teachers step by step.

Teacher quotes

“Ryan’s teaching ethos is defined by authentic connections, personalized learning experiences, and a commitment to holistic student development. He envisions RWIS as a beacon of educational excellence, a place where learners thrive academically and socially, empowered to make meaningful contributions to society.”

“Throughout her teaching career, Eva has always cared for a good classroom atmosphere and has used positive reinforcement techniques to help children obtain their learning goals. Eva will be happy to use her knowledge and expertise in creating engaging learning experiences to help RWIS’s pupils grow and develop at their own pace.”

“Overall, she has a strong desire for pupils to be involved in their own learning and self-regulation, encompassing all aspects of their well-being. She believes that students’ mental health is a key part to their happiness and ability to learn and as such provides opportunity for self-reflection, mediation and an ear for those who want to talk.”

Meet The Teachers

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