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Per Egon Johansson

Per Egon Johansson is the founder and CEO of the Raoul Wallenberg Schools in Sweden and chairman in the board of Raoul Wallenberg International School of Palma. He has extensive experience in business, public administration and politics. In the 1990s, Per Egon was State Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Transport and Communications and CEO of the Swedish motor vehicle inspection company. For more than 15 years, he was then a senior advisor to business and agency management teams on organisational and strategic issues.

Eva Arfwedson


Eva Arfwedson, vice CEO, has substantial experience from sports, schools and local government both in Sweden and abroad. During her years as an elite handball player, including a period as a professional abroad, and as a physical education teacher, Eva developed a sense of the importance of teamwork, clear goals and positive results. Eva has many years of experience as a principal in various types of schools. For a few years, Eva was also head of operations and development for the Sports Study and Training Organisation, SISU, and head of administration for culture and leisure at the City of Lidingö.

Annica kopiera.jpg

Annica Lindgren


Annica started her employment at the beginning of January. Her task is to be the school's local manager in Palma during the preparation phase. In August she start her position as the school´s art teacher. She has a broad educational background. She has been studying and teaching in different countries and on different levels over the last 20 years. Very passionate about what she does and has experienced through the years how far that passion and teaching have brought happiness, entrepreneurial skills and lots of creativity to her students. She has been living and teaching on Mallorca according to the British education system for many years and her teaching profile and values, fits very well with the school's philosophy. 

Parents who want to know more about the school can contact her either by email or by phone. Annica speaks English, Spanish and Swedish. +34 629 464 796

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