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Fees 2024/2025

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  • Fees can either be paid termly by the due dates (1st August,1st December,1st March), or annually. Full payment received by 1st August is discounted as shown. 


  • The school reserves the right to withdraw places for students if fees are not paid on time.  


  • New  students only: A down payment of 10% of the yearly fee shall be payed when requested.  


  • Fees include tuition, all prescribed textbooks and teaching materials.


  • Students are required to wear the School uniform and PE uniform which are available for purchase from our outfitters and are not included in the fees. 


  • A separate lunch fee is charged for the daily lunch


  • Optional trips are charged at cost.  


  • Students are covered by a group accident policy which is valid whilst they are on school premises or participating in a  school sponsored activity, accompanied by a teacher. 


  • For parents who wish to end schooling during the current school year, the notice period is 2 months.

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