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Renovation progress

The property will undergo a thorough and respectful renovation during the latter part of 2023 and the first half of 2024 to maintain its gothic feel ready for a September start. The exterior will be thoughtfully restored to its’ original condition while the interior will be transformed into efficient modern educational facilities; while retaining most of the particularly beautiful interior details.

Follow the renovation process to a new modern school campus starting on September 9, 2024.


The renovation work continues unabated - and we are keeping to the schedule. Installation of windows and ceilings in classrooms and corridors is now underway. Pation is undergoing a refresh. The base for the football pitch is in place and markings have been made for the avenue of trees to be planted from one of the entrances to the school campus.. The sundial from ancient times has been made visible. Two of our teachers have inspected the renovation work in view of the planning of the teaching which is now taking place in parallel.


The renovation project proceeds apace, with completion anticipated well in advance of our deadline. We therefore want to be very clear, the building will be ready when the kids proudly enter their school on September 9th.

Most of the classrooms are now largely finished. When it comes to ventilation heating and AC systems, they are also in place and have been thoroughly chosen to match the standard of top quality that the building will stand for.

As for the outdoor grounds, we are developing in a pace that feels equally assuring having drainage, outside electricity and sport courts ready to roll ahead of schedule.

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