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Our school is housed in a historic property of great charm and atmosphere in La Vileta area of Palma on a plot covering an area of over 10,000 sq meters. It was built in 1929 to enable the Catholic Church to undertake it’s fine and important charitable and  social work with vulnerable people. Until recently the property was owned by The Vatican.

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We are now giving this wonderful property a new and important social function as a springboard for children and young people in their quest to become good international citizens who are successful in Life. We are proud to have the opportunity to build an excellent educational establishment in Mallorca in a building with such important historical origins.


The property will undergo a thorough and respectful renovation during the latter part of 2023 and the first half of 2024 to maintain its gothic feel ready for a September start. The exterior will be thoughtfully restored to its’ original condition while the interior will be transformed into efficient modern educational facilities; while retaining most of the  particularly beautiful interior details.


The property is located in a quiet and pleasant residential area. The large outdoor spaces will provide opportunities for various types of play, exercise and sports activities - here will be football, beach volley and basketball areas as well as various types of play equipment. The school is enclosed in a high perimeter protective wall. There will be cultivation areas and a calm and safe orange grove for children to meander in. The school building will provide good facilities for adequate and highly professional teaching. 


The main building consists of three floors and will contain approximately 20 different teaching rooms and the admin offices. There will also be a kitchen and two dining rooms with a terrace for outdoor dining too. Adjacent to the school building is a  magnificent chapel which is currently

being converted into a school auditorium for school assemblies, lectures, concerts and other cultural activities. The school library will also be located in this building. There will be a science block consisting of two laboratories in another of our buildings. 


There are good public transport links to La Vileta and the school provides effective traffic solutions for car-borne students to be dropped off and picked up in a safely and securely.

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