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Hjälpa en student


The fantastically beautiful and exciting school buildings and the surrounding school yard are currently undergoing a thorough renovation and the school will be ready for occupancy in the summer of 2024. 

When we start new schools, we primarily take in students in the lower ages and then we build further as the students get older. At the start of Raoul Wallenberg International School Palma, we will therefore prioritize the admission of students in primary school and lower secondary school. Perhaps we will also accept students in upper secondary school. 

In this preparatory stage of the school's establishment in Palma, we are now accepting expressions of interest for starting in September 2024 or in later years. At the beginning of 2024, it will be possible to submit an application for a school place for the school year 2024/25. After that, the admission process begins. 

To the parents who send in the expression of interest, we will in future send a newsletter in which we continuously inform about how the construction project is progressing and which preparatory activities are being carried out. During the spring, information meetings will be held at the school and the possibility of study visits at the school will be offered. 

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