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Honesty, Compassion, Courage and Drive

Our four watchwords:


Raoul Wallenberg International School Palma is proud to offer a unique educational experience to enhance intellectual growth and increase participation. Take a look at our website to learn more about us.

And don't hesitate to mail us if you have any questions.

In its first year, 2024, RWIS Palma offers enrolment for students in grades 1-7, ranging in age from 5 to 11.



Our school philosophy

Our ambition is for the Raoul Wallenberg International School is to lay the foundations for lifelong learning and a successful and harmonious life for our students – both academically and in the pastoral care we provide. We start from the specific circumstances and needs of each individual student right from Year 1, and our ambition is for each of them to reach their full potential. We will tailor our education to bring out the best in every individual. Read more >>

Our staff

We hold our teaching staff to the highest standards, seeking individuals who embody the values espoused by our esteemed namesake, Raoul Wallenberg. From a vast pool of applicants, we are assembling a distinguished team of educators, combining the most competent teachers among local talent with teachers moving to Palma from exciting posts abroad to deliver a committed and ambitious educational experience. There will be teachers with both English, Spanish and other languages ​​as their mother tongue. Read more >>

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The company

Raoul Wallenberg School is an independent school organization with its origin in Sweden. The company was founded in 2005 and the first school was opened in August 2006. The Raoul Wallenberg schools are in rapid expansion and today have 4,000 children and students in 17 schools. In September 2024, we will be launching four additional schools. The company operates with a strong management team at a level of financial performance that ensures stable, well-functioning and sustainable educational activities that allow students and their parents to feel confident in choosing the Raoul Wallenberg International School option. Read more >>

Follow the renovation process

Our school is housed in an old convent, a historic property of great charm and atmosphere in La Vileta area of Palma on an impressive plot covering over 10,000 sq meters. We are now giving this wonderful property a new and important social function as a springboard for children and young people in their quest to become good international citizens. The property is undergoing a thorough and respectful renovation. The renovation project proceeds apace, with completion anticipated well in advance of our deadline. The building will be ready at the end of July in good time before the kids proudly enter their school on September 9th. Read more >>


C/Oblates 23, La Vileta

07011 Palma de Mallorca



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