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Nerea Lahoz

Fond of the island where she was born, living in Mallorca has been a stroke of luck for her. Since childhood, she had a clear vision of her future as an educator, which is why she pursued Primary Education studies at the Universitat de les Illes Balears. Since then, she has worked for six years in an international school in Mallorca. In this role, she has been a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language as well as a teacher of Lengua Castellana for native speakers. Both subjects keep her motivated to continue learning with and for her students.

Raoul Wallenberg International School presents an opportunity to continue growing with students in an exceptional environment. What most attracted her to the school was its focus on fundamental values, particularly its steadfast commitment to the present and future of the society, as well as its immersion in the culture and environment of our island. She is still remembering her admiring Scandinavian teaching methodologies while still at university, and now she has the opportunity to experience them firsthand. Her motivation to work in a Swedish school lies in the commitment to contribute to the educational enrichment of a society renowned for its emphasis on equity, pedagogical innovation, and the promotion of an inclusive and dynamic learning environment.


Traveling is one of her passions, and working in an international school allows her to do so without needing to board a plane. In international schools, there are the opportunity to encounter other cultures, perspectives and customs. It presents an opportunity to learn from other people. In her case, being from Mallorca, she is eager to impart all aspects of

her culture to the students, teach them the traditions, and enjoy them together with the students.


Passionate about reading, she loves to instill this love for literature in her students. It enables her to enter the wonderful world that children hide in their minds and learn to see life from their perspective. As a teacher, she firmly believes in accompanying students on their learning journey, using classes as a moment of learning where the word 'learn' is synonymous with curiosity, fun, and motivation. She like this learning to arise from the students as a result of good prior enthusiasm on the part of the teachers. She considers that to cultivate academic and personal excellence in students, it is essential to foster self-confidence in themselves, providing them with the necessary tools to develop their full potential and believe in their own abilities. In order to achieve these aspirations, we must not overlook any of the constituents of the school and work cooperatively among parents, teachers, and, of course, students.


She believes that school is a crucial space not only for intellectual growth but also for personal development, where enrichment in both knowledge and human aspects is fostered. It is essential to remember that we should never overlook our human dimension in the educational process. She is completely confident that Raoul Wallenberg International School is the ideal place for this to happen.

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