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Admission process

Our ambition for the Raoul Wallenberg International School is to lay the foundations for lifelong learning and a successful and harmonious life for our students – both academically and in the pastoral care we provide. Our Mission is “to make a positive difference for every single student in our school”. The truition will be carried out in our historic property of great charm and atmosphere with a schoolyard covering an area of 10,000 sq meters.

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The steps to be a student at RWIS:


Step one

Fill in the declaration of interest. You will continuously receive a newsletter with information about how the preparatory work for the start of school is progressing.


Step two 

You are offered a place at RWIS and you let us know whether you accept the offer or not.


Step three

We are contacting you to give you more detailed information about the school. We will discuss your child´s educational needs and the suitability for our school and curriculum. Answer all your questions regarding curriculum, school routines, timetable and after school activities.  


Step four

At this stage you will be asked to complete our Registration form and pay a down payment of 10% of the yearly fee.  

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