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Marina García Sogorb

In RWIS she will teach students from Year 2 to Year 7. She is originally from Mallorca, where she was born, grew up and completed the Primary Education studies at the Universitat de les Illes Balears. Growing up immersed in the culture of the Balearic Islands is a privilege that has enriched her life in countless ways.

Therefore, being able to work in an international school provides her with the opportunity to enrich understanding of the world and foster cultural exchange in a dynamic educational environment. Daily interaction with students and colleagues from diverse nationalities fuels her curiosity and inspires her to be a global citizen committed to intercultural understanding and international collaboration.


Over the past three years, she has had the privilege of teaching Catalan and Spanish at an international school in Mallorca, where she consistently prioritized introducing her students to the island's rich culture. To her, it's essential not only to teach the language but also to convey the essence and spirit of this unique locale.


What led her to apply to RWIS was her keen interest in Scandinavian pedagogy, a subject she has always researched but never had the chance to implement. Combined with the expertise in the English curriculum and the understanding of the Spanish educational system, she saw a unique opportunity to work with these three factors within the island, aligning with the values of RWIS and its methodology. It was an opportunity she couldn't resist.


Her passion for teaching is demonstrated not only by designing classes to teach the language but also by immersing students in Mallorcan culture. This involves organizing visits to historical sites and hosting activities that celebrate local traditions. Additionally, by utilizing resources such as stories, legends, and songs, she actively engage students in discovering the richness of Mallorcan culture, enriching their learning experience. Planning excursions to iconic sites in Mallorca allows students to firsthand experience the island's cultural wealth, and organizing events further connects them with these traditions.


In her lessons, she will incorporate various activities that promote emotional awareness, including open debates on relevant topics, to help students develop emotional skills. This empowers them to grow personally and professionally, making a positive impact on our society. By establishing connections with students and understanding their individual needs, she can adapt her teaching to support both their academic and emotional growth, guiding and accompanying them throughout their learning journey.

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