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Alma Sartages

Alma was born in Galica, Spain and moved to the United States at a young age together with her family. She completed her studies there and established her teaching career. Today she has over 20 years teaching in Primary 1 and Kindergarten. For some time she piloted and taught an inclusion/enrichment program that incorporated special needs children into a regular classroom and she has also taught a summer program at a private school for children with learning/developmental disabilities.

Alma applied to be a teacher at RWIS because she identified with its mission, methodologies, and educational goals, but also the concept of combining several curriculums (British, Spanish, and Scandinavian) to help students become true world citizens. She believes that RWIS will be committed to their students and strive to help them grow emotionally, socially, and academically. 

Alma is accustomed to a student population with different cultural backgrounds, natural skill sets, and learning aptitude. She likes to have the students engaged and feel a sense of belonging like an extended family. Education is an intensely collaborative field by nature, and she likes to keep the lines of communication open between the students, colleagues and parents. She will contribute her current skill set and past experience to the overall growth and success of RWIS. She knows that with time, RWIS will become a center of educational excellence in Mallorca and she hope to grow and develop the teaching skills alongside RWIS.

She always starts her teaching by creating a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment for the students. The goal is for the student to feel welcomed and happy. Providing an interactive and inclusive experience ensures all students develop skills like listening, consideration, and kindness. Having set expectations, by being a positive role model and clearly communicating her expectations. The students know she believes in them, and in return they become more confident with their abilities. This leads them to perform better and establish a growth mindset.

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