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Preparing children for a globally connected future

Welcome to Raoul Wallenberg International School in Palma, where the world becomes the classroom and diversity becomes our best teacher! We open our doors next September with a unique and exciting approach: to offer both Mallorcan children and those of foreign origin a first-class international education, enabling them to explore, understand and embrace the world around them.

In an increasingly interconnected society, the importance of international education cannot be underestimated. At Raoul Wallenberg International School in Palma, we firmly believe that learning languages and learning about other cultures not only enriches the mind, but also contributes to forming individuals who are more empathetic, tolerant and prepared to face the global challenges of the 21st century.

Why does access to an international education bring great value to Mallorcan families? Because it provides their children with the necessary tools to communicate in a diverse, changing and multicultural world. The methodology of the Raoul Wallenberg Schools, in addition to the promotion of language skills, deepens the achievement of a wide range of skills and competencies that provide broad academic and professional opportunities, while stimulating intercultural understanding and respect for differences.

Raoul Wallenberg International School of Palma's curricular programs are designed to challenge students to think critically, collaborate creatively and develop a global mindset that enables them to thrive in an increasingly interdependent world.

If you are a Mallorcan parent looking to provide your child with an education that transcends borders, Raoul Wallenberg International School of Palma is committed to preparing our students to become global citizens, ready to lead and contribute positively to a dynamic and ever-evolving society. Join us in this exciting educational adventure!

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