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About the company

Raoul Wallenberg School is an independent school group approved by the Swedish School Inspectorate. The governing body of the schools is Raoul Wallenbergskolorna AB. Today the company has ten preschools and seven compulsory schools. In 2024 four new schools will be started. One of them is Raoul Wallenberg International School in Palma, the first establishment outside Sweden.


Raoul Wallenberg School Bagartorp, Solna, Sweden (550 students)

The company was founded in 2005 and the first school was opened in August 2006. This was on the outskirts of Stockholm in the leafy Beckomberga Park in the suburb of Bromma. The school was named Raoul Wallenberg School Bromma. In 2010, the first preschool was opened, also in Beckomberga Park.

The Raoul Wallberg School offers comprehensive schooling for children and young people from preschool to grade 9. It also plans to eventually offer upper-secondary education. We are driven by the desire to develop schools of the highest quality that prepare children and young people for a productive and successful life.

Järva 6 kopiera.jpg

Raoul Wallenberg School Järvastaden, Solna, Sweden

(preschool 240 children and elementary school 800 students)

The Swedish school group is owned by the mother company International Swedish School AB. Raoul Wallenberg International School operates by the company Raoul Wallenberg Mallorca School SLU. The company is a sister company to the Raoul Wallenbergskolorna AB and owned by International Swedish School AB. 

The companies shall operate at a level of financial performance that ensures stable, well-functioning and sustainable educational activities that allow pupils and their parents to feel confident in choosing the various RWS school options.

The companies have a turnover of approximately 50 million Euro and is growing annually with about 10-15%. The company has a strong balance sheet with an equity ratio of just over 40%.


The company has a healthy credit rating and has been given the highest credit rating by UC, Risk Class 5.

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