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Ryan Pothier

Ryan Pothier was raised in a picturesque village nestled along the coastline of Nova Scotia, Canada, where the ocean and forest served as his playground. With a passion for education deeply ingrained in his upbringing, Ryan embarked on his teaching journey from a young age, fostering young minds through sports camps, summer programs, and coaching endeavors.

His adventurous spirit led him to traverse the globe, immersing himself in diverse cultures and landscapes—an experience that enriched both his teaching philosophy and personal interests. Ryan holds dual Bachelor’s degrees from Université Sainte-Anne, majoring in History and English, and Education. He believes in the transformative power of travel, having studied abroad in Athens, Greece.


Ryan’s teaching journey commenced in South Korea, where he imparted English as a second language before making his way to Vancouver, British Columbia, teaching a spectrum of subjects for the French School Board. His international teaching career continued in the Middle East, where he played a pivotal role in educational reform initiatives with the Abu Dhabi Education Council. Over the course of seven years, he taught Mathematics, Science, and English, spanning grade levels 2 through 12. His last four years in the United Arab Emirates culminated at Raha International School in Abu Dhabi, where he led the language department, championing the IB curriculum.


Driven by a profound dedication to nurturing young minds and inspired by the ethos of RWIS, Ryan was drawn to the school’s commitment to fostering role models within its community. He views RWIS as an opportunity to spearhead a transformative educational journey, leveraging Mallorca’s rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty to create immersive learning experiences.


Ryan’s teaching ethos is defined by authentic connections, personalized learning experiences, and a commitment to holistic student development. He envisions RWIS as a beacon of educational excellence, a place where learners thrive academically and socially, empowered to make meaningful contributions to society.


As Ryan embarks on this new chapter at RWIS, he brings with him a wealth of experience, a passion for innovation, and a steadfast commitment to nurturing the next generation of global citizens.

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