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Rebecca Cook

Rebecca Cook is a British trained Primary teacher from Dorset, England who has been working in international schools for the last ten years and loves the diversity of teaching and learning within this setting. At the heart of her teaching philosophy is a child-centered approach where there is a focus on all aspects of an individual’s strengths and passions. Her goal is to inspire children to explore their passions, interests and curiosities through multisensory learning and guide them on their personal learning journey to become lifelong learners. Genuine learning for her is when children are driven to explore and create.

Rebecca’s teaching journey began after attaining a Bachelor in Science at Bournemouth University and moving on to gain her Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Bath University, England. Her international experience began at the International School of Monaco where she worked with an incredible team of teachers and educators, teaching the Primary Years Program. After seven years of living in France and working in Monaco, she moved to Mallorca and her teaching journey continued at the Mallorca International School, successfully initiating their first Year 7 class. Over the last two years, she has been exploring alternative teaching methods, working with The Orange Tree Project.


Rebecca strongly believes in a holistic education and an approach to learning that focuses on all the aspects of the individual. Emotional well-being and self confidence for her is the foundation for great learning and for this reason, she was drawn to continue her teaching journey here at the Raoul Wallenberg International School Palma. She loves that the values and ethos of Raoul Wallenberg are the roots of the school and the vision of the school aligns with her ethics of an aspiring, nurturing and positive learning environment for learners to reach their potential.

Rebecca is passionate about innovation and the need for education to be exciting and creative. She strongly believes in getting children to think for themselves through critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. She also knows that skills are important and a well functioning school requires an excellent curriculum to underpin learning. For her, children are explorers and inventors of the future and her desire is to instill a passion for learning and to encourage individuality and an inquiring mind. She aims to encourage a growth mindset where the students can master their strengths and their resilience so they love their school and their learning journey.

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