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Gabriella Lagerqvist

She is a Swedish native with a passion for exploration and connection. Having traveled quite a lot over the years, she has had the privilege of experiencing various cultures and expanding her worldview. In addition to adventurous spirit, she is also an enthusiast of arts and culture, and find joy in the richness of human creativity and expression. She earned her teaching degree from Stockholm University and the Stockholm Teachers College. She has been teaching in both Swedish schools and in bilingual and international schools since 2008. Before teaching, she worked with IT, advertising, and marketing in the private sector.

She is a proud parent of two grown-up daughters who have brought much joy and fulfillment to her life. Her role as a parent has taught her valuable lessons in patience, empathy, and resilience, qualities that she brings to every aspect of her life, including the role as a teacher. As a positive and social person, she likes collaborative environments where she can build meaningful relationships and drive results. She welcome challenges and opportunities for growth, and she approaches each day with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.


As a teacher, she understands the importance of being flexible and adaptable to meet the diverse needs of students and to accommodate different learning styles, abilities, and interests. She believes that every child has unique strengths and abilities, and she strives to create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment where all students can use their creativity and critical thinking skills and feel valued, challenged, and empowered to succeed in knowledge and character. 


She enjoys exploring innovative teaching methods and incorporating technology into the classroom to enhance student learning and engagement. She is passionate about teaching and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of her students and to contributing to the growth of RWIS.

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