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Cristina Moreno

Cristina is from Salamanca (Spain), a lovely old city known for its famous university. It's where she grew up and studied to become the current enthusiastic Primary school teacher. Some years later, she earned her master's degrees in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language at the University of Salamanca.

With a passion for travel and exploring diverse cultures and educational practices, she has prior educational experience in Spain and Austria. Currently she works in Norway, as a Primary classroom teacher in an international school where she teaches 7 years old children. Before that, she worked as a teacher in a Norwegian middle and high school.

A sports enthusiast, especially team sports and yoga, she firmly believes that incorporating movement into the classroom is a great way to enhance learning. Cristina brings a problem-based methodology, connecting different subjects and applying them to real-life scenarios. She enjoys guiding her students through their learning journey, encouraging them to explore and develop an autonomous discovery.

Possessing strong interpersonal skills, she fosters meaningful connections with students, families, and colleagues, striving to create a safe and beautiful learning environment where students can develop themselves personally and academically. Starting each day with a warm welcome and eye contact, Cristina builds trust and confidence in her students.

She is excited about the opportunity to work at RWISS, with its mix of Scandinavian traditions and the Cambridge curriculum, all set in the picturesque island of Mallorca. Cristina sees it as an exciting opportunity to bring new and innovative teaching methods to the school.

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