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Annica Lindgren

Annica Lindgren has a broad educational background. She has been studying and teaching in different countries and on different levels over the last 20 years. Very passionate about what she does and has experienced through the years how far that passion and teaching have brought happiness, entrepreneurial skills and lots of creativity to her students. She believes that children are our future and giving them the skills to produce products with good environmental values and clever design is her drive as a teacher.   

She is educated and certified to teach Arts, Crafts, Design, English and Technology, with a special degree in creative education. Her teaching experience encompasses from Primary up to university level. During the last years she has also been studying and teaching according to the British Curriculum Key stage 1 to 4 and the IGCSE Art & Design program. She is also trained to teach according to the IB Visual Arts program. 

When the chance came to join Raoul Wallenberg International School, Annica felt it was a new challenge she could not resist. She has been living and teaching on Mallorca according to the British education system for many years and her teaching profile and values, fits very well with the school's philosophy.  


She grew up close to the ocean and has always appreciated nature, especially to be able to use it as inspiration. She also appreciates to teach her students and exhibit their work outdoors. Traditions are another big source of inspiration for Annica. To learn and share our cultures, methods and production techniques are beautiful ways to become richer as a society and work against racism and other social challenges. 

Alongside her teaching, she is also the founder and head designer at “Agnes del Norte” where she produces “one of a kind” pieces, all in natural fibres and recycled materials. 

Annica started her employment at the beginning of January. Her task is to be the school's representative in Palma during the preparation phase. Parents who want to know more about the school can contact her either by email or by phone. Annica speaks English, Spanish and Swedish. 

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