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Abby Plant

Our science and maths teacher, Abby Plant, has lived and taught in Mallorca for over ten years. Abby has 15 years of experience teaching A level, International Baccalaureate, GCSE and KS3 in both the United Kingdom and in international schools. Prior to retraining as a teacher, she spent six years working in the chemical industry. Abby is an innovative and energetic teacher who is not only enthusiastic about teaching, but in exploring life and sharing experiences. She loves to travel and bring real world context into the classroom to help further students’ understanding. 

Throughout her teaching career, she has maintained a reflective attitude to teaching and learning. Having a holistic approach, she encourages both scientific and social skills enabling young people to meet the high standards and expectations demanded by the outside world. The growth mind set is particularly important to her. She likes to provide a supportive classroom environment where mistakes are allowed, if not even encouraged, so that the situation may be used to grow, learn and to become less fearful. This environment allows for instant feedback on how well the students understand the lesson content and enables immediate adaptation of the lesson to further the learning. She is adaptable and flexible in her teaching approach and having studied at university level in Spanish she is empathetic towards students learning in a second language. She understands the focus needed on key vocabulary when teaching students for whom English is a secondary language. 


Overall, she has a strong desire for pupils to be involved in their own learning and self-regulation, encompassing all aspects of their well-being. She believes that students’ mental health is a key part to their happiness and ability to learn and as such provides opportunity for self-reflection, mediation and an ear for those who want to talk.


One of the aspects that appealed to Abby about the RWIS approach were the watch words; honesty, compassion, courage and drive. She believes these to be important aspects of society and endeavours to live her life in this way, with integrity. She also loved the emphasis that RWIS placed on community, including both interactions with the immediate community just outside the school gates and on building strong relationships with parents, staff and students in order to best support our young people. She believes it is essential to build trust and good relationships in order to maintain a good community spirit. Team work and flexibility is extremely important in order to work together to achieve a common aim and she looks forwards to working with you, the parents in order to achieve this.

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