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Quality management

The Raoul Wallenberg Schools conduct their development work within the framework of five areas of focus, namely Good academic results, Secure children and students, Satisfied students and guardians, Qualified staff, and Sound economy. The systematic quality work based on curriculum goals is mainly conducted within the first two areas of focus, namely Good academic results and Secure children and students. This allows us to lead and develop our preschools and primary schools towards high quality in a well-balanced manner, with satisfied students and guardians, engaged and qualified staff, and a stable and sustainable economy.

Because RWS has long-term and enduring ambitions, the qualitative content of the operations takes precedence over short-term financial results. We believe that this makes us attractive to good and ambitious employees, which in turn generates good development for our preschool children, excellent academic results for our students, and ultimately satisfied students and guardians.


The operations are planned and monitored as follows:

Before each school year, a business plan is developed by the principals together with the staff. The developed business plan is approved by the company's board no later than September each year. At the end of the autumn term, a six-month analysis is conducted, and at the end of the spring term, a full-year analysis is conducted, which also serves as the activity report for the school year. The analyses are reviewed with RWS management and form the basis for the following year's business plan. In addition to this description of planning and monitoring, the operations are monitored monthly with a number of indicators distributed across the five areas of focus. Within each of the five areas of focus, we have a qualitative measure that, at the end of the school year, we combine to form an overall measure that places each individual preschool and primary school on our school ladder with five different steps.

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