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Matthew Schulte
Head of School

Tell us a little about yourself and who you are?

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, where I completed my schooling and undergraduate/master's studies, before venturing out into the world. I have always had an adventurous spirit and desire to explore, so after a few years of teaching in Victorian public schools, it was time to venture out into the big wide world. Having since worked in Melbourne, Sweden, Switzerland, and most recently Hong Kong, as well as visiting over 60 different countries during my personal and professional travels, I count myself extremely fortunate. Learning about differing people, places and cultures is my greatest passion and is something that guides my work in education. When not in school, you would likely find me with my wife and friends out in nature either hiking, surfing, climbing, or planning our next overseas adventure.

What teaching and leadership experience do you have?

Over the past decade, I have been privileged to serve in various senior leadership roles across schools in Australia, Sweden, and Hong Kong, developing expertise in leading school improvement and accreditation, strategic planning, student safeguarding and wellbeing, as well as leading curriculum, program, and staff development. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work across Pre-School to Grade 12, having personally taught a range of subject areas to Grades 3 - 12, including PE, Outdoor Education, Sciences, and the Humanities. My journey in international education has taken me to 24 different countries where I have led a variety of educational programs, conferences, workshops, school visits, and evaluations. Throughout these unique experiences and my educational research, I have developed a clear philosophy of international education. One that is predicated on a commitment to creating safe, caring, innovative, and appropriately challenging spaces where students and teachers collaboratively can explore their unique passions and discover their purposes in life.


What are your strengths as a leader?

Building a strong community, fostering a culture of continuous reflection and improvement, and leading by example with integrity and compassion are characteristics of my leadership. Rallying the community behind our collective vision and a high-level strategic plan, without compromising the necessary attention to daily operational needs, will be pivotal to the success of RWIS. To achieve this I will invest in people, empowering those with vision, passion, and expertise to step up, lead, and achieve their full potential as educators and leaders. I believe that true leadership is not about having all of the answers, but rather collaboratively working with and bringing out the best in people. In time, I hope that the RWIS community will describe me as a strategic, adaptable, and compassionate leader who is continually learning and growing alongside the school community.


How do you as a school leader and teacher get your students to do their very best and reach their full potential both in terms of knowledge and character?

As a school leader, I believe in nurturing an environment that encourages students to explore and discover their interests and potential through a student-centered, inquiry-based approach. Genuine student voice, choice, and ownership over their learning journey and school environment will be characteristic of an RWIS education, as well as the intentional celebration of effort over outcome and process over product. Student will be encouraged to embrace challenges, seek feedback and learn from failures. By implementing robust educational frameworks that integrate academic rigor with physical, social-emotional learning, alongside meaningful and intentional community service, we will ensure that students not only excel academically but also develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and attributes to succeed in all aspects of their lives.


Why have you applied as Head of School to RWIS? What about the RWIS concept attracted you the most?

RWIS epitomizes a future-focused and values-driven educational approach that resonates with my own educational philosophy. The school is committed to an educational framework that balances academic excellence with the holistic development of every student. The dedication to nurturing physical, social-emotional, community, and intellectual growth aligns with my belief in the power of a well-rounded education. This vision is brought to life at RWIS through a diverse and robust array of curricular and extracurricular activities that are underpinned by our core values of honesty, compassion, courage, and drive.


The Cambridge International Curriculum will provide a strong foundation from which we will draw upon innovative approaches to international teaching and learning, set against the rich Spanish and Scandinavian cultural influences. This unique combination not only fosters a dynamic and student-centered learning environment but also emphasizes diversity, character development, intercultural competencies, and a sense of responsibility towards our environment and global community. RWIS exemplifies a truly international school ethos, placing a strong emphasis on preparing students to simply be the best versions of themselves and conscientious global citizens.


What is your ambition with the development of RWIS?

My ambition for RWIS is to develop a leading K-12 International School that not only excels in academic achievements but places equal value on personal and community development, supporting students in becoming well-rounded and responsible global citizens. This will begin with developing a true and deep sense of belonging, ownership and mutual trust and respect within the school community. Strong relationships are fundamental to a healthy and happy school environment. Our team of highly experienced faculty will be working to ensure that the highest-quality teaching and learning is taking place in all classes and that it emphasises a students-centered, inquiry and holistic approach to learning, that supports each student on their unique learning journey. We will also work collaboratively with school stakeholders to foster a culture of continuous learning and school improvement, examining all aspects of school operation and practice to ensure that we remain innovative and at the forefront of international education. I aim to establish RWIS as a beacon of innovative and international education, where every student feels valued and empowered to explore their passions and find their purpose in life. Community Service is a core component of international education as it is likewise a cornerstone to the legacy of our namesake; Raoul Wallenberg. Learning through the act of community service will proudly form one of the foundational pillars of the RWIS community and student learning.

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