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Christina Moreno

My name is Cristina Moreno and I am originally from Salamanca (Spain), a gorgeous ancient city renowned for the importance of its university. It's where I grew up and got my undergraduate in Primary school teacher and Master's degrees in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

I have a passion for traveling and exploring new cultures and different educational practices. Having previous educational experience in Spain and Austria, I currently work in Norway. My love for Scandinavian culture led me to work in Norwegian middle and high schools, as well as in an International school as a Primary classroom teacher.


I am a sports lover with special enthusiasm for team sports and yoga. I enjoy bringing movement into the classroom as I firmly believe that learning is more effective when accompanied by movement. I also love trying new activities and experiences.


In my classroom, I foster a problem-based approach, connecting various subjects and applying them to real-life situations. I love accompanying young learners through their learning journey, sparking their interest and curiosity in the world around them and prioritizing autonomous discovery for learning. I feel very identified with this Benjamin Franklin´s quote: "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I will learn". This approach aligns with the core values of RWISS, particularly with "Drive." Students take ownership of their learning, and together, we gain essential life skills and knowledge. I am very aware of the deep impact and responsibility we, as teachers, hold in working with kids. Therefore, I continually train myself, innovate, and tailor classroom interdisciplinary play-based activities to meet my students´needs. This aspect of teaching is clearly my favorite one!


As a teacher, one of my strengths is related to my interpersonal skills with students, families and other teachers. I believe it's essential to create a safe and comfortable learning atmosphere where students can experience maximum personal and academic growth. Greeting each child with eye contact and a warm welcome to the classroom every day is one of the small gestures that I start with in my daily routine, fostering feelings of trust and confidence in my students.


What draws me to RWISS are its Scandinavian roots combined with the Cambridge curriculum and its perfect location on the beautiful island of Mallorca. All of these together with the exciting adventure of starting an educational project from scratch makes me see it as a great opportunity to promote innovative educational values tailored to modern times.

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