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Concerned about your child's adjustment to a new environment?

Discover the Best International School in Mallorca for Your Child's Future

Watch as your child adapts and thrives in no time at Raoul Wallenberg International School in Palma de Mallorca! We don't just educate, we integrate. With a rich history of nurturing students from diverse backgrounds, we excel in creating a warm and inclusive environment where every child feels at home.

Education for life

Join us on the journey to academic excellence, cultural understanding, and personal growth.

Why Choose Raoul Wallenberg International School
for Your Child?



Benefit from nearly two decades of experience delivering exceptional international education.


Personalized Attention

Our small class sizes ensure individualized support and attention from dedicated teachers, maximizing learning potential.


Global Opportunities

Through the Cambridge Curriculum, we prepare students for success in academia and future careers, opening doors to top universities worldwide.


Holistic Development

Prioritize your child's holistic growth, nurturing their academic, social, emotional, and personal well-being.

Get in Touch

Sign up now to learn more about Raoul Wallenberg International School in Palma de Mallorca and shape your child's future!

Experience the difference at Raoul Wallenberg International School – where every child's potential is realized, and futures are forged.

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