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– our role model

The Raoul Wallenberg Schools were founded to provide children and young people with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and character for the various challenges of life ahead, following the example of Raoul Wallenberg. At the Raoul Wallenberg Schools, we are humbly proud to operate under his name. We are inspired by him as an individual, his various skills and his achievements. Our mission is “to make a positive difference for every single child and pupil in our schools”. And we hope and believe that the years in the Raoul Wallenberg Schools will give our pupils the personal skills needed to make a positive impact on society both today and in the future. Read more about Raoul Wallenberg’s achievements and the Raoul Wallenberg bust that can be found in some of our schools.



Raoul Wallenberg School is an independent school approved by the Swedish School Inspectorate. The governing body of the schools is Raoul Wallenbergskolorna AB. Today the company has eight preschools and five compulsory schools. Future plans include starting more pre-schools and compulsory schools, and eventually upper-secondary schools.

The company was founded in 2005 and the first school was opened in August 2006. This was on the outskirts of Stockholm in the leafy Beckomberga Park in the suburb of Bromma. The school was named Raoul Wallenberg School Bromma. In 2010, the first preschool was opened, also in Beckomberga Park.

The Raoul Wallberg School offers comprehensive schooling for children and young people from preschool to grade 9. It also plans to eventually offer upper-secondary education. We are driven by the desire to develop schools of the highest quality that prepare children and young people for a productive and successful life in Sweden and in the global labour market.

The company’s overarching goal is that every single pupil in our schools, regardless of their circumstances, shall reach their full potential in learning and personal development. The company shall operate at a level of financial performance that ensures stable, well-functioning and sustainable educational activities that allow pupils and their parents to feel confident in choosing the various RWS school options. 


The company has a turnover of approximately SEK 350 million, and is growing annually, adding new schools all the time. The company has a strong balance sheet with an equity ratio of just over 30%



“To contribute positively to the development of the school system and thereby Sweden as a whole”

Schools shape the society of the future. Well-functioning schools – preschools, primary and secondary schools – are an investment in our future well-being. In their early years, children need a safe, supportive and nurturing environment both at home and at preschool. During their compulsory school years, children and young people need a safe, supportive and nurturing environment that focuses on the development of knowledge and character. At RWS, we want our schools to be a positive force in building this future. The vision of the Raoul Wallenberg School is therefore “to contribute positively to the development of the Swedish school system and thereby Sweden as a whole”. Our schools shall contribute to the positive development of the local community and be a meeting place for children, young people and adults. RWS aspires to be the “School in the middle of the village”. 

We are committed to ensuring that our schools have a student body that reflects the local community in various ways. We believe that this creates the best dynamic in the school environment while contributing to the positive development of society. In this, we are keen to work closely and in a spirit of trust with the municipalities in which we operate.

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